“Serenity is very slippery.”

This is what Andrew said. Serenity – or Sérénité, in French, to be precise – is my sailboat. I sailed her from Marmaris in Turkey to Cairns in Australia and back to Vanuatu, crossing the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Andrew was crewing during the Port Vila Off-Shore Race.

What he meant was that Sérénité was fast. Yes, Sérénité was fast and she was good to me, kept me out of trouble.

And yes, serenity is very elusive. This is what the blog is about. Trying to find serenity. Tell some crazy stories. Talk about the beautiful people I met.

“Tune in, turn on, drop out” – said Timothy Leary. It worked well, while it worked.

“Let go, connect, give all now.” I believe sailing makes this work. At sea. Hopefully it works on land too. Welcome, I look forward to having you on board for this trip.

Pic 2

Your humble Captain, Christo

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