How much of our lives is controlled by fear? Religion, politicians, global warming, loosing your job, corporations, Israelis, Arabs, Al Qaedas, marriages, not being the perfect father or mother, your parents getting old – can’t you do more to alter the course of nature – all fear and guilt.

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Fear does not make sense. There is no logic behind it. Simple – here is how it works for me now – but you have to find your own way to make it work for you. There are two types of things in life – things where you have control and things where you do not. When the shit over which you have control happens, well, you do what you are supposed to do and know how to do, and things are ok again – so why worry about it. When the shit over which you have no control happens, there is nothing you can do anyway – so no reason to worry about that either. Simple.

It did take me a while to figure it all out. Forty five years. It dawned on me while I was single-handling the big stretch from the Marquesas to Samoa. Twenty days. Closest land was about five miles away – below me. No land, no ships. Not a soul. The ocean, the sky, and the boat – my world. No words to describe this bliss – blessed are those who have lived it.

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Amazing how ocean sailing makes you at the same time more humble and more confident. Contradictory but true. You come to terms with how small and how big you are.

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And then the strangest thing happened. Now that I am back on land, fear is back. Mostly fear of loosing… what was never mine, what never belonged to me. Isn’t it time to head back for the Ocean…


3 thoughts on “Fear

  1. After 15 years afloat we came ashore, after 18 months we know where we were most suited. Can’t wait to get back!

  2. You need to do whatever feels right for you.What makes you happy,what makes you strong.Love and happiness is what we need to be alive,the rest is monsters as you said.
    Was it Einstein who said ,that imagination is more important than the knowledge,so follow your IMAGINATION and create your dreams,.Go for it……

  3. Yeah …feel what you feel, you could go back, but like on the oceans you fight the waves and the storms as they come….
    Here on land different kind of waves and storms hit us; you need to face them like you did out on the ocean…


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