Happiness, Wisdom, Loneliness

You remember how genuinely happy we were when we were young kids? I mean we still had our frustrations – not enough ice-cream, too much homework, parents not buying all the toys, that kind of stuff. But the world was a pretty cool place in general. Now this is what I call the happiness of innocence – before life starts burying you under piles of serious shit, when you still live a somewhat sheltered life. And then later on, there is the happiness of wisdom. When you have seen it all, you have made some sense of it, you realize that shit is just part of the whole deal. While almost everyone experiences the happiness of innocence, less people get to know the happiness of wisdom. Because they never manage to put that shit in perspective, and instead become bitter, cynical, angry people. Your choice, remember.


Q: Don’t you get lonely during long ocean crossings?

A: I have chosen to be on my own. Why would I miss other people’s company, if I chose not to have it in the first place? You can feel lonely – which in fact means rejected, excluded, inadequate, at the wrong place – only when you are in other people’s company, the wrong people’s company. Which usually happens in the big city.


One thought on “Happiness, Wisdom, Loneliness

  1. The happiness of innosence and of wisdom share something that the eagerness of youth lacks – a sense that it doesn’t really matter. The fact that you did not feel lonely might also something to do with the fact that you have made sure you can live with yourself. I can imagine people who have made unpardonable compromises with themselves her haunted by them exactly when they are on their own and the noise of com

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