Sail with Me

Join me for a sailing trip. A weekend, or a week – as long as you like.


Sérénité staying behind in the Pacific for good, I now sail again in Zeeland. Sérénité was all about finding peace on my own. Now sailing is different, it is about enjoying a moment with friends. Sharing stories, good food, a glass of wine. Sharing what we have with each other. 


Zeeland, in the Netherlands, offers some of the most gorgeous sailing grounds. Lots of light in the sky – this is where the Flemish masters came to paint, and for a reason. Beautiful deserted islands, picturesque villages, good pubs. All this less than one hour drive from Brussels.


I also cook. Gambas with garlic in olive oil and coriander are a favored success. Goes very well with Sardinian wine, trust me. The wine makes more believable my stories about sailing around the world. Everyone who’s tried the combination loves it.


Prince Alex is an OVNI 32, probably the best fast comfortable cruiser on the market. Lots of fun to sail, and with a large table for the dinners. It can accommodate up to four guests. You choose how you want to do it – kick back, sip your beer, meditate; or do it the more sporty way, learn the ropes and how to handle the boat.


I do not do this on commercial charter basis, but will ask guests to contribute. Just give a shout at +32.476.416577 or christo.velkov(at)


16 thoughts on “Sail with Me

  1. Christo,
    Thank you for the splendid sailing experience. Crazy to see how we can be so quickly in another world 1 hour away from Brussels traffic and noise, and discover/learn so many things in less than 48 hours , I shall recommend you as one of the best stress “reliever” (should be reimbursed by social security 😉 Keep sailing !! Fred and Jana

  2. Great weekend! Even that it is just a weekend you feel like you have been on a real vacation. Christo is such a kind host taking care of everything. We had lovely evenings with him. Enjoying his great cooking and sharing more than a few glasses of wine. I highly recommend this experience!

  3. My dear friend Christo took up the challenge to sail with 4 teenage boys…..One of these boys is my son Steve and the three other – his best friends. The boys learnt so much about sailing, responsibility, free spirit and much more which I will never know about because as Christo says ” What happens on the boat, stays on the boat”. All I know is that Steve came back from the sailing trip somehow grown up and wiser. Next time it’s my turn, I hope Christo will use his magic and help me in the reverse process of getting younger and less wise:)

  4. Our weekend on the boat, sailing with Christo is one by which we will measure all other trips. Fantastic food, conversation, sailing, views and a great deal of joy! It was all too soon that our weekend came to an end – we will treasure this memory forever but know we have gained a true friend in the process.

  5. Sailing with Christo on the Nakamal was brilliant. First day was strong winds and some rough weather and I loved it…we harbored that night in Zierikzee and I took my then girlfriend out to dinner at Brasserie Maritime where after some wine, oysters and lobsters I asked her to marry me. I wasn’t planning on doing then but everything that day had been so perfect. The next day there was little wind so we just drifted across the waves, the sun was high in the sky, and thoughts of work, land and a loud world were as far away as could be…we even saw an endangered harbor seal which only made the uniqueness of our voyage more clear.

    I’ll never forget Captain Christo, the Nakamal, our time on the sea, the tiny Dutch town of Zierikzee and the beautiful woman who finally said yes to a life with me.

    We’ll be back…and hopefully we’ll have some shells of cava!

  6. Dear Christo,

    We spent a wonderful weekend with my wife on the Nakamal, thank you for it! This was my first experience on a sailboat, but surely not the last one. Your stories and knowledge about the boats and sailing are indeed very impressive, such as the gambas-koriander-red wine dinner!
    As you said, every boat has a story and I am sure, thanks to your hospitality, Nakamal will soon have thousands of them!

    Keep in touch,
    Levente Borzsák

  7. We had fantastic weekend on Nakamal, sailing with Christo. I’m still on the boat, travelling here and there, trying to get all my pieces together… and it’s so difficult, especially after being in such a magical universe. Thank you for showing it to us, captain. Nakamal is really special and we had our precious moments on it.

  8. Have you ever wondered how it is to be sliding on the sea surface for two days, diving into its secret whispers? Bring your thoughts and emotions along, the sea will disperse like foam in the beauty and peacefulness of the moment. Christo will provide for true company, smooth sailing and great cooking accompanying a glass of wine. A beautiful experience.

  9. What a fantastic weekend! We loved it and our 3 kids too… they did not touch their iphone and did not complain!! Close from Bruxelles (very practical) but completly breaks your habits. Chrysto is a great person, very flexible and a great cook. We will be back.

  10. Had a lovely weekend sailing in Zeeland with Christo. Excellent company, excellent food and some lovely sailing . Christo is a lovely host and will most definitely be back.

  11. Christo is the most accommodating skipper I have ever met. Sailing with him is to be transported from the mundane bling-bling corporo/politico world of Brussels to the simple truth of what we all only ever really need in life:
    Freedom, nature, peace, wildlife, easy good company. Can’t beat it.

  12. So peaceful to sail with you Christo. It was really great. Highly recommended for those seeking some serenity in their life !

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